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18/04/2014 - Rebounding plant

Ecobelt is the new system, protected by international patent, to produce agglomerate in a simple, fast and continuous way and with a very reduced investment both on an economic and on a space point of view.

The innovation consists in treating separately the granules by spreading the binder on the whole surface, so to increase considerably the efficiency of adhesion as regards the traditional system and allowing to save till 50% of adhesive.

An important characteristic of this new unit, which makes it different compared with the traditional ones, consists in the possibility to produce in continuous and to be able to change the production speed according to the needs of the moment.

Furthermore it is used water and not steam, making easier the processing and reducing the complexity of the process and, consequently, the starting investment and the maintenance.

The fields of use that at present can be supposed go from the classic production in discontinuous of agglomerate blocks, to the production of panels, both in continuous and in discontinuous, to the production of molded pieces and the production of packings by using and/or recycling scrap materials.

As a matter of fact, several tests have been made with the most different materials, from the polyurethane flocks, rigid or flexible, to the rubber granules, from the scraps of paper and cardboard reduced into strips, to the polystyrene chips and carded fibres.

Not last this is a "green" technology as it gives a big help in re-using industrial and/or packing scraps, ennobling and increasing remarkably their added value.

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