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Plant for the production of blocks in discontinuous


Tec Mac has been producing the Isolblock plant for more than 20 years. This unit is used for the production of flexible and rigid polyurethane foam blocks and phenolic foam blocks.


Among the main features we mention:

  • Patented dosing system: it grants a dosing precision for each component higher than the standard one and an unbeatable repeatability
  • Patented washing system: it allows to clean the mixing chamber with water only at the end of the production cycle and not every three or four blocks, avoiding also the use of plastic bags, as it happens with the competitors' plants
  • Possibility to produce all the commercial densities and any special formulation
  • High productivity: 120-150 blocks per shift, according to the model
  • System to square the blocks to get all the six sides flat, so reducing the wastes
  • Possibility to produce round blocks
  • Low consumption
  • Low investment
  • Maximum flexibility


The Isolblock is therefore the ideal plant to produce in a cheap way different kinds of foam. Its running does not need specialized workers, neither infrastructures nor special foundations. It is really easy to use and to maintain.


Tec Mac places at customers' disposal his technical staff to study and develop special units.



Installation and 1000lt tanks

Full installation

Isolblock IB 150/3-PH Phenolic foam

Squared Block

Round Block


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